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Single Rooms

Affordable and comfortable stay

Our single rooms feature a comfortable bed, terrestrial TV, closet, hair dryer, shower, toilet and standard requirements you need.

Our single rooms have a double bed.

As our hotel is close to Erdem Hospital, M...

Double Rooms

Affordable and comfortable stay for families!

Our double rooms have been designed as comfortable to respond to the needs and expectations of families. Our rooms feature a terrestrial TV, closet, hairdryer, toilet, bath. Standard requirements are a...

Twin Rooms

An affordable and comfortable choice!

With 2 separate beds, our twin rooms have been designed by considering everything you might need for your accommodation. Our rooms feature bath, toilet, terrestrial TV, phone, 24-hour reception service, closet...

Triple Rooms

How about an affordable and comfortable stay?

Our triple rooms are ideal for business travellers with friends, and families with children.

In our rooms, all of your standard requirements have been considered, and all the required conditions for...

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